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AP Calculus BC Free Response Questions
Problem #1
Problem #2
Problem #3
Problem #4
Problem #5
Problem #6

Here are all six BC Calc AP free response questions.
(If I can manage to get it right, they will also be linked properly)
Just follow the links on the sides for the problems...(hopefully)

Here's My Advice....
       Try and do more than pretend to learn once in a while. Do the homework occassionally and study for a test or two. Pay attention, you pick up more than you realize. Learn to love your calculator. I'm hoping I got a 4, I'll be happy with a 3 through. I should have reviewed more prior to exam week, but i just went through the book and my notes (yes, i did actually take some notes...). I don't really have any great advice, just know what you're getting yourself into...


Mr. Block's Webpage

Here you'll find links to everything Mr. Block is connected to at Athens High School and a few other things as well.

BC Calculus Assignment Page

I think this one is pretty self-explanitory...

Are You Ready for Calculus?

This has the summer assignment we all did (just ask around...)

AP Central BC Calculus Page

This is the college board website for AP Calc, it has lots of info about taking the AP test and preparing for it.

Ask Mr. Calculus

It's a good page. Lots of calc info...

It has calc tutorials, need i say more?

Gail's Web Page

This is Gail's calc page, she has artistic talent, so that means that her site will always be cuter than mine.

Stacey's Web Page

Stacey also had the same calc assignment, check out the quotes, they're vaguely entertaining.

i'm addicted to collapse. it's a shockwave game. if i can remember to find a link, i'll have you addicted too.

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