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These are all the stupid and hilarious things I need to share that don't really fit into the other categories...
Ask if you don't understand

drjj101: yeah, my comp's constantly on too.... I can't seem to turn it off for long periods of time or even unplug the ethernet cable...
drjj101: it's a sickness really....
roosta16: haha
drjj101: i don't know what I'm going to do during the summer though... when I won't have that connection.... I shudder to think about it
roosta16: haha
roosta16: samehere
drjj101: oh well, maybe in the mental institution they're have computers for us....
roosta16: yea right
drjj101: hey, maybe....
roosta16: you think mental patiants know how to use comps
drjj101: i do and I should probably at least be under obversation
roosta16: haha
drjj101: you may be laughing... but I don't hear you denying it...
roosta16: yup yup
drjj101: wow, I need to stop defending the fact that I'm crazy....
roosta16: yea

drjj101: yeah, I'll crash eventually
Roosta16: you won't crash
Roosta16: you will fall gracefully
     see this is why I... well, I won't say it cuz I know I'll just get hit next time I see him... so *MUAH!* Jason 

"Hey, Baby *Wink, wink* hit me in the head with a toaster."
"This is a 'Friend Ship', but there's another boat in the harbor, it's a 'Relation Ship'."
      (Cuz that's the way to get the girls... plastic toy boats...)
The Maimer84: ooo, i'm accidentally being bold
The Maimer84: it's true, i don't know exactly why i'm so bold right now
The Maimer84: it just seems to have occured
The Maimer84: ahh well, i'll just continue to be mysteriously bold
"Me and my leprechaun are having a lovely day, thank you very much! HAHA!!! Deb is the coolest!!! Well, besides the leprechaun, we all know that HE's my BESTEST friend!!! Anyways, I'm finally deciding that its time to shower and get dressed now that its almost 5pm... definately a green & khaki day!!! If you don't know... feel free to ask... you just may think of me a little differently once i answer..."
    - Stacey Miller's Away Message 01/08/03

katherine got some
marta got some
debbie got some
viv got some
care got some....
       but katie, erin, and b had boys gone wild!
- Katie's Away Message 011702
(it's not quite what it sounds... but it's still funny)

The Maimer84: isn't it fun?
The Maimer84: h(2.71)y! th(2.71)r(2.71) ar(2.71) (2.71)v(2.71)n oth(2.71)r n(2.71)at numb(2.71)r's sqrt(-1) can
(3.14)ck from!!!
drjj101: okay, I think the stuff about the other options is so over the top dorky, that I  have to put it on the webpage.
The Maimer84: so there are really like two levels (upper and lower constants, U and L) of dorkiness (D), such that, in order for you to put something on the website abs(D-1/2(U+L)) >=1/2(U-L)?
(Hehe... and I'm the math major...)

The Maimer84: i'm skepticasl
The Maimer84: sceptical
drjj101: skeptical?
drjj101: is that the word you're looking for
drjj101: ?
The Maimer84: thats the one, just merge my two words and take out the extra letters

On the evilness of girls...
GenVB10:, i AM evil
drjj101: you're just a girl... don't worry... that doesn't make you evil
GenVB10: i think boys would say otherwise :-)
drjj101: well... probably, but they just don't understand..
GenVB10: hehe...or we're all evil and they just don't understand why
drjj101: possible... I prefer to think not though, it might make me feel guilty if I thought we were all evil
GenVB10: no no no. we don't have to feel guilty. it's how we are. we can't help it. (just keep telling ourself that)
drjj101: i'm going with i'm not truly evil...I may be slightly evil... but not truly evil
drjj101: that works better
GenVB10: but is it ok even to be slightly evil?
drjj101: that's part of human nature, we can't help that
GenVB10: oh..i see
GenVB10: we're allowed to be slightly evil then?
drjj101: yes
drjj101: i think so
drjj101: it's the way to help balance out the "bad things happening to good people" thing
GenVB10: oh i see.  because bad things happen to us we're allowed to spite the universe a little by being slightly evil?
drjj101: exactly.
GenVB10: i like your thinking young egermann
GenVB10: you will go far in this world