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Debbie's *New* Webpage
Page #6a More Great Things To Share


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Page #6a More Great Things To Share
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So apparently people are so brilliant that I need an additional page. Enjoy the new stuff.

Hi. My name is Squirrely. I have a nut. Actually two. Literally- the one in my hand, and debbie. She is a nutcase. She thinks I talk. Do squirrels talk? Duh. What am i doing right now? Geez, you guys are all crazy. What else would a squirrel say... hmmmm... i really don't know. I may have to just stop talking now. How sad would that be? Can't do that. So i will babble. Its fun. Let's have a conversation. How are you? I'm fine. I'm a talking squirrel. You're a human? Oh, so how do you like that? I think humans are weird. They smell. Especially debbie. She smells like a turtle. Where did that come from, who knows? Anyhow, I think my work is done here. You think I'm insane. I know Debbie's insane. And we all know that you're insane. Good. That is all. Buh-bye Chicago.

GenVB10: no on makes fun of anyone biting sarcasm goes unnoticed and unappreciated

on what it's like in Provo...

drjj101: I'm IMing you cuz I need to sell this away message.... yeah, fodder for the webpage! Cuz really, which is sadder, that you decided to steal that theme song, or that I immediately recognized it

Auto response from AnGeLNDiSGuiSe06: I don't wanna be a doctor.... I wanna be a detective! So I can have my own theme song "When a crime breaks out, all the cute boys shout "where's the good lookin' girl?" ;-)

You could be here too... just say something worth while.