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Debbie's *New* Webpage
Good Music Part 2


Page #1 Life-Defining Quotes
Page #2 My Ramblings
Page #3 Good Music
Page #3a Good Music Part 2
Page #4 The Brilliance of Other People
Page #5 Pics Page
Page #6 Things I Need To Share
Page #6a More Great Things To Share
Page #7 Shameless Displays Of Affection For My Friends
Page #8 Song of the Day/Week/Month/Year

Okay, so the other page takes too long to load when I wanna edit it, so I'm startin' a second music page (I'm sure many more will follow, so be patient!)

My Last Breath - Evanescence (see Page #8)

Goldie Ella - Loudermilk

Bring Me to Life - Evanescence (I know, the CD hasn't even been released yet, but I love all the songs... and for those of you reluctant to attach yourself to just one band, it's on the Daredevil Soundtrack, and that should be really good too.)

Don't Tell Me You Love Me - Johnny Socko (It's your theme song! They know who they are... don't worry....)

Konstantine - Something Corporate [and some people believe that no one can write a brilliant ten minute song anymore.... the fools!]

Awake and Dreaming - Finger Eleven [Actually anything off of TIP, it's great music, even if it is vaguely old]

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