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Ask if you wanna know or captions aren't enough

Me and Katie, dressed for the Delta Tau Costume Party 11/01/02
*hey, baby, how you doin'?*
Fine. Jason if you won't change the pic, I'll show everyone your cheerleader smile.

I'm sorry, here was going to be the digital picture I have of me and Jason, but if you look at it on the small scale of the webpage, we both look awful and I won't subject myself to that.


It's Ed, in his prize winning hat.... A nice little reminder of the month of September and free sandwich day...

More pictures will come as I get around to them... I'm slow at this picture thing, as evidenced that 9 months later I still have like 10 pictures on my camera from the all night party.
So it'll happen eventually, probably just not in a timely fashion.