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Page #4 The Brilliance of Other People


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Page #4 The Brilliance of Other People
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Here will be snippets of conversation and just in general, the ever so intelligent things people are known for saying...

The Maimer84: "Oh i'm sorry, did my awesome military prowess wipe out your pathetic little army?... have a cookie."
(if you know Jamie, it's easily explained....)

I'm sorry Jill, but you must be the first....
AnGeLNDiSGuiSe06: how about i become a bum and collect cans?
drjj101: not a profitable industry, too many boy scouts and school kids takin' away your business
AnGeLNDiSGuiSe06: i don't need profit just enough to get by
drjj101: you won't get by, that's the point and the whole crackdown on littering.. it's a lot harder than it used to be
AnGeLNDiSGuiSe06: how about a hooker?
drjj101: jill, you really don't wanna do that
AnGeLNDiSGuiSe06: well fine i guess back to my paper?
drjj101: yup. back to the paper
AnGeLNDiSGuiSe06: can i sleep instead?
drjj101: paper for.. half an hour, then sleep, kay?
AnGeLNDiSGuiSe06: but?
drjj101: but what?
AnGeLNDiSGuiSe06: alright fine
AnGeLNDiSGuiSe06: paper it is
drjj101: kay
hehe.. good girl. does what she's told....

oehastsfg: i = tired
oehastsfg: i = stupid
oehastsfg: well not really
oehastsfg: i = wierd
drjj101: hehe.. you = wierd. i = wierd. you
+ i = friends.
oehastsfg: math majors
oehastsfg: pathetic :-)

The Maimer84: yeah, she asked me for another truce in the war
drjj101: and do you think this one will last?
The Maimer84: well, it might be more like an armstise so we can collect our dead recouperate a bit, things like that
drjj101: haha... nice...
drjj101: that's going on the webpage...
The Maimer84: make me spell armstise right if i didn't
The Maimer84: k
The Maimer84: ?
drjj101: you didn't.
drjj101: i'll fix it
The Maimer84: fix it then
The Maimer84: thanks
The Maimer84: i just wanna be crazy, not stupid
The Maimer84: i mean, if you gotta chose to be one of those things
The Maimer84: lol
Hehe... I'm sorry, if you stop saying funny things, I'll stop posting 'em...

hamtime99: i represent the 248, formerly the 810
hamtime99: we put it down cracker style
hamtime99: cracker-ass cracker
drjj101: and that's why he thinks i live in the ghetto
hamtime99: fo sheezie
hamtime99: we got it haaaaaad
hamtime99: *gots
drjj101: okay stop that
hamtime99: tain't no stoppin
drjj101: there should be.
hamtime99: whys yous gots to bes like that
hamtime99: *'dat
drjj101: i'm trying really hard not to wake my roommate with all the laughter
hamtime99: fo' sho, get 'dat ho in on this shiznit
hamtime99: jk
hamtime99: i think i can sell it pretty well
drjj101: until someone meets and sees that you're a white boy from the suburbs
hamtime99: i can still put it down hard
drjj101: sure.
hamtime99: my friends were laughing at me because we were at this orchestra concert and i said "my grandma hooked me up with some phat cash"
drjj101: and why did you chose to say it that way? just happened?
hamtime99: yeah, like naturally
hamtime99: it was scary
drjj101: that is scary.
drjj101: have you gone and joined some gang in ann arbor yet or are you not to that point yet?
hamtime99: not yet

Hammatime999: HAMMA HAMMA
The Maimer84: jordan???
The Maimer84: :-)
Hammatime999: HAMMA!
The Maimer84: lol
The Maimer84: new sn mike?
The Maimer84: y's that?
Hammatime999: whassup, yo?
The Maimer84: chem yo
The Maimer84: U
The Maimer84: ?
Hammatime999: Yo man, football yo!
The Maimer84: hehe, i heard about you turning ghetto
Hammatime999: straight up yo
Hammatime999: 248 baby
The Maimer84: and i'm just wondering:
The Maimer84: what the dillyo is with that?
Hammatime999: Yo! Ima STraighT up Thug!
The Maimer84: riiiiight
Hammatime999: ThuG for LyFeeeee
Hammatime999: hello?
The Maimer84: hmmmm
The Maimer84: maybe if i didn't already know you.... i'd be convinced
Hammatime999: I gots to make me some dough.
The Maimer84: where ya workin?
Hammatime999: the 313 man!
The Maimer84: what's that?
Hammatime999: I work in da HOOD!
Hammatime999: Dtown!
The Maimer84: riiiight
Hammatime999: Hammatime999: HAMMA HAMMA HAMMA
StarzZzz02: ?
Hammatime999: who the hell is that?
The Maimer84: xing-xing??
Hammatime999: Who dat:?!
Hammatime999: She hot?
Hammatime999: shes on my LySt
Hammatime999: YO
Hammatime999: JIGGAAA
Hammatime999: U DEre?
The Maimer84: yeah?
Hammatime999: HEllll yea
The Maimer84: yea
The Maimer84: so what's up w/u?
Hammatime999: me an my niggas gonna hit the d tonight
The Maimer84: dude, you lost it, finals musta fried your brain
The Maimer84: :-)
Hammatime999: yo, school's wack man
The Maimer84: how's engin commin?
Hammatime999: engin's for suckas
The Maimer84: well, time for me to bes hittin up da books
Hammatime999: lata, ma boy
The Maimer84: keep it real
Hammatime999: fo sho
Okay, so maybe the people i know do have ghetto tendencies.... (don't ask how i got the conversation....)

Hmmm... I think I may have to start a game of guessing who says what... We'll see about that one....