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Debbie's *New* Webpage
Page #7 Shameless Displays Of Affection For My Friends


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Page #7 Shameless Displays Of Affection For My Friends
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Welcome to our latest addition. This section will entail, basically, of me just writing wonderful things about the people who love me cuz I love them too.

The first....
Gena George: Hehe... like the only person in the world who can tell me what to do and actually have me listen (I still don't know where you got this power from....) Also, the one who tries to keep me from acting like an idiot most of the time. I don't even know where to begin to explain why I love this girl. I just do. Hmmm.... what other wonderful things to say about Gena? I don't know... (too many to list in such a small space) *Big Hug* Luv ya.

#2 Jason Deck (hehe... it's cute cuz he was jealous that Gena got on here first....) *MUAH!!!* big kiss.... that's what you get. I think that explains it all... {happy now?}

 #3 Jamie Mainero - hehe... the one who shares my birthday and my passion for the crazy, dorky things.  We bonded over water wars and cleaning up a chem lab after an acid spill.... and now we're going to take over the world (you may laugh now, but you'll come to the zoo... one way or another). Hehe... makes me smile and you can never have too many people who do that.

#4 (the numbers really have nothing to do with anything, I'm just numbering them cuz sometimes, it's nice to be able to count your friends)
Coming Soon... I grow weary of typing at this moment.... it'll come soon though, I promise.

If you love me and you're not here yet, don't worry, yours is coming. I'm just slow, well, not so much slow... as lazy. So it'll happen eventually.