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Debbie's *New* Webpage
Page #1 Life-Defining Quotes
Page #2 My Ramblings
Page #3 Good Music
Page #3a Good Music Part 2
Page #4 The Brilliance of Other People
Page #5 Pics Page
Page #6 Things I Need To Share
Page #6a More Great Things To Share
Page #7 Shameless Displays Of Affection For My Friends
Page #8 Song of the Day/Week/Month/Year
This is the home page.

Haha! And just think you'll be subjected to all that i can think of for ever and ever with as many pages as i can think of!

Notice:  Back in school. Prepare for massive updating. (when I get around to it...)

 The men in the white coats... for me.
(Explanation to follow next time I work on the page)

This is everything that would normally be in my subprofile, but the stupid subprofile doesn't work anymore, so here we go...
Better this way, fewer limitations.
If you have any suggestions, that I might actually wanna hear, send me an IM or an email, or better yet, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!

Construction is nowhere near completion, so please be patient and check back frequently... I'll let you know when I update it.

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