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Debbie's *New* Webpage
Page #3 Good Music


Page #1 Life-Defining Quotes
Page #2 My Ramblings
Page #3 Good Music
Page #3a Good Music Part 2
Page #4 The Brilliance of Other People
Page #5 Pics Page
Page #6 Things I Need To Share
Page #6a More Great Things To Share
Page #7 Shameless Displays Of Affection For My Friends
Page #8 Song of the Day/Week/Month/Year

It's ALL good stuff. I'll try to upload it so you can hear it too, not just see titles and what not.

"Coffee Girl" Johnny Socko

"Best of Me" The Starting Line

"Slower" Mineral

"American Girl" Weezer

"Tempted" Squeeze

"Hurricane (The Formal Weather Patterns)" Something Corporate

"stratford-on-guy" Liz Phair